February 22, 2023

Setting up Github Copilot in Emacs

Quickstart Either follow the instructions of zerolfx/copilot.el or use a ready-to-roll config provided at rksm/copilot-emacsd. This is a short walkthrough describing my current Emacs-Copilot setup. Copilot is primarily advertised as a VSCode utility but actually it works really well in Emacs. Given the ease of adjustments (e.g. when to see completions) I would even argue Emacs might provide a better experience. Table of Contents Changelog Intro & Disclaimer Copilot API & integration Copilot Emacs packages Setup & Customizations Restricting when to show completions Customizing keys Copilot-specific Tab key Ctrl-g / cancel Changelog 2023-03-20: zerolfx/copilot. Read more

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